Walls in interior areas - Application on free-standing metalsupports


There are generally 3 types of stud frame applications:

  • Application on the wall in interior areas
  • Free-standing walls on metal stud frame
  • Free-standing walls on wooden stud frame


Application on free-standing walls in interior areas


 The shorter Baby construction panels from ELEMENT-EL Baby 10 are suitable for this application. The spacing of the laths must be aligned acc. to national directives/approvals. The metal stud frame forms the substructure. The first ELEMENT is ...


... aligned vertically and horizontally, transverse to the profiles and screwed on with FIX-S 35 + suitable screws.


The ELEMENT construction panels are laid in groups; diagonal joints are not allowed.


The ELEMENT construction panels are glued together with COL-MK. Apply the adhesive to the plate edges as an uninterrupted strand.


Then push the next ELEMENT into the adhesive layer. After aligning, screw in with FIX-S 35 + a suitable screw.


All element joints must be reinforced with glass fibre reinforcement strips ARM-100 SK.


Level out the reinforced element joints and the heads of the mounting elements with COL-AK. The surface is now ready for tiling or plastering. Further requirements (e.g. seals) must be taken into consideration in accordance with national directives.

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