LUX ELEMENTS®- ELEMENT-SL / SQ - Processing instructions with slit panels

1 Note

The following processing information apply to all panel thicknesses of the slit ELEMENT construction panels, not only for the vertically slit but also for the horizontally slit variant. For information regarding bending radii and technical details.

2 Transport

Carrying of the panels in bent condition is recommended, whereby the slit side should face inwards.

3A Adhesive application

When working with slit ELEMENT construction panels, the adhesive COL-AK should be applied to the inside, meaning the slit side.

3B Adhesive application

The oozing out of a little adhesive when picking up and bending the slit ELEMENT construction panels is normal.

4 Bending

Bending – Bending should generally be effected on the slit side. The smooth outer side is suitable for tiling. If bending in two directions is necessary, two parts can be pre-bent and glued with COL-MK.

5A Bending

Bending of the same ELEMENT construction panel in two directions is possible. One part is bent with the slit facing inwards and one part with the slit facing outwards.

5B Bending

In those cases where the bending is on the outside, the slits are afterwards filled and levelled out with COL-AK.

6 Shaping

Often a pre-fabricated template can facilitate the shaping of the slit hard foam support elements. Cut out suitable templates from residual material and place the slit construction panel round this shape with the slits facing inwards.

7A Shaping

Clamp in and fix the shaped part with lashing straps.

7B Joining

MONT-U profiles can be used for stabilising in case of two bent elements being positioned on top of or next to one another. The lashing straps must then be laid vertically and horizontally. Bonding takes place with COL-AK.

8 Reinforcing

Bed in reinforcement fabric ARM 600 on the inside.

9 Levelling out

Levelling out – Finally level out the reinforcement fabric with COL-AK and allow to dry.

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