With straight panels - Partition walls or room dividers


Check the substrate for load-bearing capacity. Take into consideration the cable routes and provide them with protective sealing against humidity in accordance with national directives necessary.


Fasten the mounting aid MONT UNI to the wall ...


... and floor with a suitable FIX fastening set. The substrate has to be level, dry and clean. If necessary, level out uneven surfaces with levelling filler.


Hard foam support element in the desired thickness – recommended: Attach ELEMENT-EL 80 – with COL-MK ...


… to the guide of the MONT profiles. Check the vertical alignment of the ELEMENT construction panels with a level and spirit level.


For long walls: Slip on suitable connecting sections – e. g. MONT H – and apply COL-MK to the face end.


Attach the connecting ELEMENT, align on vertical and horizontal direction.


Group installation is possible, both vertically and horizontally. Corners can be formed using other MONT sections. Reinforce the joints of the hard foam support elements with ARM. Level out later with COL-AK.


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