Floor applications - Application on wooden floor boards


The substrate must be load-bearing and vibration-free. Loose boards must be re-screwed and rotten boards no longer suitable for bearing loads must be replaced. Irregularities must be compensated using levelling filler.


After preparation of the substrate, stick edge insulation strips circumferentially round all wall-floor connections.


 The shorter Baby construction panels from ELEMENT-EL Baby 10 are suitable for this application.

Lay ELEMENT-EL from EL Baby 10 in bond, cross joints are not permissible. Screwing acc. to the indicated intervals.


Screw spacing max. 300/300 mm. Select screws according to the substrate and panel thickness using FIX-S 35 fastening washers.


Reinforce ELEMENT joints with ARM-100 SK ...


... and level out with COL-AK. When applying in damp or wet rooms it is necessary to use an additional LUX ELEMENTS®-DRY-ASK or DRY-DF sealing in conjunction with ceramic coverings.


Use the fluidised thin bed adhesive COL-FBK or COL-FLEX for the cavity-free installation of tiles.

We recommend a tile size of 50 x 50 mm. A total pressure load of 0.1 N/mm² must not be exceeded. When using for higher loads such as transport traffic, rack systems etc., please contact the LUX ELEMENTS technical department.

Also suitable for heating systems due to continuous temperature resistance up to +75°.

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