Processing tips - The following materials are suitable for cladding hard foam support elements

Ceramics, general

fine stoneware


Natural stone

Glass mosaics

Small mosaic

Alternative covering materials


As an alternative to tiles, the application of plasters and fillers on hard foam support elements is possible if impact loads can be ruled out.


The specifications of the respective manufacturers must be observed.

NOTE: The joints of ELEMENT construction panels must always be previously reinforced with ARM 100.

Laying of mosaic, tiles and panels on LUX ELEMENTS®- ELEMENT

The same material is generally always used for production; whether the client later applies large-sized tiles or mosaic. The later type of use must be taken into consideration by the architect or tiler during the planning phase, because it is then that a decision is made as to whether mosaic is possible or not. In case of horizontal application we recommend e.g. a size of at least 10 x 10 cm is used for wheelchairs or walking frames, due to the high pressure load resulting from such use. Mosaic can be used in conventional household applications, as our material absorbs a pressure load of at least 0.1 N/mm2.

We recommend the use of our COL products. For mosaic, marble and other materials, please contact us for information.

Please also observe our data sheets and the table "Sealing, bonding, and jointing of LUX ELEMENTS®-products for small mosaics and tiles".

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