Processing tips - Light fascination

Light is an important design element. It creates a comfortable atmosphere and can bring forward positive feelings. In the wellness field, light and colour aspects play an important role and are sometimes even of therapeutic significance. And in the bathroom, light accents can give the room a wonderful radiance. The easy processability of the hard foam support elements from LUX ELEMENTS enables the trouble-free installation of the most various light systems. The only condition: the continuous temperature should not exceed 75° C (see table "material properties").

We therefore recommend light technology with low heat development. Glass-fibre light technology or LED lamps are particularly well suitable. Both systems can be installed in the hard foam support elements without any problems. Whether mounted on the ceiling, floor or wall – the versatility of application options knows no limits.

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Whether a starry sky on the ceiling or light accents in corners in front of pillars etc. – light creates a special atmosphere.

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