The tools - The most important tools

Cut up

Standard tools found in any toolbox are suitable for the processing of LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam support elements.
For cutting the ELEMENT construction panels we recommend:



  • Jig saw, with serrated saw blade
  • (e.g. type Bosch T313AW HCS) suitable for EL 4 to EL 100
  • Angle grinder with diamond wheel
  • suitable for EL 4 to EL 50
  • Cutter
  • suitable for EL 4 to EL 20

Filler & plastering

“Standard tiling tools” are used for the application
of filler, for plastering and smoothing:

  • Bricklayer’s trowel
  • Smoothing trowel
  • Notched trowel

Measue & other things

Other important accessories are:

  • Spirit Level
  • Folding ruler
  • Pencil
  • Cross slot
  • Broad brush
  • Level for checking
    even surfaces

Drag & stick

  • Cartridge gun for pressing out glue cartridges
  • Emery board for grinding uncoated edges of the ELEMENT construction panels


For general work involved in mounting dowels, hammer fix plugs, screws, you need:

  • Drill
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Hammer
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