Processing tips - Alternative surfaces

Surface design in conjunction with ELEMENT

The construction panel as the substrate for wall, floor and constructions requires an attractive surface. Only then does it have the individual design that can hardly be realised so quickly, easily and cleanly by any other building material combination. The individual form due to the substrate ELEMENT and the surface design by ceramics or plasters turn any bathroom into something unique.

The proven method

In the bathroom and in wet areas of wellness installations you usually find the proven ceramic coverings. This is not surprising, as tiles offer such versatile design possibilities by using decors, colours and glazing options. They are also robust and protect the wall beneath them from moisture.

  • Antistatic
  • Not combustible
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Non-fading and colour-fast
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Environmentally compatible

ELEMENT construction panels are the ideal substrate for tiles, because they offer optimum hold for cement-based adhesives and seals. Even more advantages of the hard foam support elements in systems with ceramics:

  • Emission-neutral, i.e. no vapours that are detrimental to health
  • No subsequent affect on ambient air
  • Without solvents
  • Neutral in smell
  • Resistant to mould

The alternative

Why not try something different? Plasters and decor plasters are becoming increasingly popular for surface design in bathrooms and wellness areas – frequently in combination with tiles. Hence, not only additional room for design is created, but also the application is possible e.g. where tiles or mosaic cannot be installed due to curves.

The construction panel ELEMENT is also the right substrate for plasters, as the mortar coating offers reliable adhesion.

Our products are tested in systems by renowned plaster manufacturers. We will be pleased to provide further information or to recommend a manufacturer.
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Whether on the wall, for constructions, in the shower area or on the floor – the constructions panel ELEMENT is the right substrate anywhere. Not only for large-sized ceramics and mosaic tiles, but also for plasters.

Note: In case of horizontal application we recommend that a size of at least 5 x 5 cm is used for wheelchairs or walking frames, due to the high pressure load resulting from such use. Mosaic can be used in conventional household applications, as our material absorbs a pressure load of at least 0,1 N/mm2

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