Wall-mounted elements - The creation of a levelling construction



Glue the cut-to-size ELEMENTS-EL 50 to the wall with COL-AK such that they can be vertically and horizontally aligned.


The spacing of the cut ELEMENT component parts should be between 30 – 40 cm.


Apply COL-AK to the face end of the levelling construction and glue on correspondingly cut and notched ELEMENT-EL 20 in transverse position.


Glue the individual ELEMENTS-EL 20 by applying adhesive to the edges an joints. Be sure to observe the vertical and horizontal alignment of the ELEMENT construction panels!


Additional fixation with special screw plugs FIX-SD 80.

NOTE: We recommend the pre-piercing of the dowel holes with a cross slot screwdriver.


The levelling construction can take place at full room height or with a shelf above the installations. ELEMENT-EL 20 is suitable for the top cover.


All element joints and transitions are to be reinforced with ARM-100 SK glass fibre reinforcement strips. Then level out the element joints using COL-AK

It must be observed that, in the areas in which sanitary articles such as e.g. washbasins or WCs are later to be suspended and installed, the ELEMENT construction panels are to be glued over the full surface if possible – due to the high pressure absorption. According to the manufacturer’s instructions the load-bearing frames of the suspended WCs should be lined with bricks or planked with wooden boards to avoid torsion.

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