Application on the floor - The multi-functional construction panel: on mineral substrate (example)


For application on the floor (mineral substrate), the substrate must be load-bearing and vibration-free. Irregularities must be compensated using levelling filler.

Do not forget the edge insulation strips.


For panel thicknesses exceeding ELEMENT-VK 30, apply the fixing adhesive COL-AK pointwise in dots to the floor. The spacing of the mortar dots should be approx. 20 cm. Place panels closely together in bond onto the adhesive and press on. Irregularities can be levelled out.

Apply over the full surface for thinner panels.


Sealing of the joints using sealing tape DRY-DBV and DRY-ASK. DRY-ASK is applied using a brush or spatula. Gluing of the sealing tape takes place using DRY-ASK. In the second step the joint is levelled out using DRY-ASK.


Use the fluidised thin bed adhesive COL-FBK or COL-FLEX for the cavity-free installation of tiles.

Note: Allow the ELEMENT-VK panels to adapt to ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity prior to installation.

Also suitable for heating systems due to continuous temperature resistance up to +75° C.

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