Flush with the floor shower bases

The TUB product range includes tileable shower bases for point drainage and linear drainage in various design options with substrate elements, drainage technology and diverse accessories.

Point drainage -

The flush with the floor, tileable shower bases with point drainage and slopes are available in so many design variants and sizes that they fit any bathroom. Whether in a small corner or in XXL format as a replacement for a bath tub – LUX ELEMENTS offers a suitable model for every application. Ready to be tiled entirely according to your personal taste and colour preference.

Linear drainage -

The TUB-LINE models are exactly the right product for those who like linear drainage. In these flush with the floor shower bases, the floor channel drain is already integrated and sealed in. The cover rail is made of brushed stainless steel. The sophisticated technology of the height adjustment makes virtually every ceramic covering possible, from mosaic to natural stone – and hence a particularly large amount of freedom for individual design.

Further areas of application

These special products were developed for special applications: TUB-PL are hard foam shower base elements with a higher compressive strength for alternative watertight stopping. TUB-PUMP are hard foam shower base elements with a built-in and sealed floor drain pump. TUB WALL is a shower drain element made of hard foam with a built-in wall drain.


Individual, special manufacture for each product group

In addition to standard products, also individually tailored and specially
manufactured products are available under the designation ‘PLUS‘.

Sizes, shapes, thicknesses etc., that deviate from standard features can be
inquired from LUX ELEMENTS. After successful verification of implementation
possibility at LUX ELEMENTS an appropriate offer will be prepared. Once an
order is placed, it will be manufactured and delivered accordingly.

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