Universal substrate elements – TUB-U

For all shower bases there are matching substrate elements.


Universal substrate elements are offered for the standard sizes; for the customised shower bases the substrate elements including the drain position are also made to measure.


TUB-UQ – Universal substrate elements (square)

TUB-UR – Universal substrate elements (rectangular)

TUB-UMQ – Substrate element made to measure
Example:square, floor drain in the centre

TUB-UER – Substrate element made to measure
Example: rectangular, floor drain in the centre


Substrate elements for standard sizes TUB

The universal substrate elements, square or rectangular, in various sizes fit several standard shower bases (point and linear drainage) respectively, thus reducing warehousing at the dealer's.

The cutouts have already been made for the central and decentralised drain in the case of point drainage as well as for the TUB-LINE drain. Depending on the drain position, the openings not required are closed with the supplied filling pieces.

The substrate elements can be easily cut to size if required e.g. to shorten or re-shape them (pentagonal, quadrant).

Mounting accessories (KITs)

Complete set mounting accessories on offer for all sizes of flush with the floor shower bases.

Product specifications

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1200 x 1200 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B036 (1008 KB)

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1500 x 1500 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B037 (1013 KB)

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