Lux Elements shows the principle and installation of TUB-PUMP, flush with the floor shower elements made of hard foam with integrated and sealed-in floor drain pump.

It is not always possible to install a flush with the floor shower without any obstructions. The gravitational force does not work wherever the wastewater cannot be drained with sufficient gradient to the downpipe. One of the most common challenges is, for example, replacing an old raised shower base with a modern flush with the floor shower. The connection point to the downpipe in older buildings is often a few centimetres too high.

The perfect solution for such cases is the installation of a shower base with an integrated and sealed-in floor drain pump. The first product on the market, which fulfils these requirements, is TUB-PUMP from LUX ELEMENTS.

The first flush with the floor shower base which pumps itself
The TUB-PUMP shower bases combine the tileable LUX ELEMENTS® hard foam shower base elements including factory fitted sealing and gradient with a floor drain pump. This is already installed and sealed.

TUB-PUMP is available as standard in two square and two rectangular sizes.
The two associated substrate elements in different heights offer flexibility for adaptation to various installation situations in the floor.

The 2-piece stainless steel reversible grate makes several design variants possible.
One side has a stainless steel surface; the other can be tiled to match the shower base. By simply turning, the desired side faces upwards. In addition, the scope of delivery includes a further grate section with a sun-shaped pattern.

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