The removable whirlpool surround – TOP-WP...

TOP-WP… is a completely removable cladding for whirlpools in four different sizes or made to measure.

The assembly of this whirlpool surround with footboard and ledge takes place using strong metal fastening pipes, which are fitted into corresponding metal guide sleeves.

Therefore, entire front or side sections can be dismantled cleanly and without great effort. Optional light strips are suitable for indirect lighting under the footboard.

Available (made to measure) for rectangular, quadrant, hexagonal and oval shapes. In case of round shapes, strong magnets ensure additional hold.

Whirlpool surround for straight and rectangulare forms

Whirlpool surround for quadrant forms

Whirlpool surround for oval forms

Whirlpool surround for hexagonal forms

for trapezoidal shapes

The system

Example on a straight whirlpool bath tub: First of all, mount the substructure, then hook on the cladding elements.


Platform for corner installation – TOP-WP P 

  • Suitable for whirlpool cladding TOP-WP S 1900
  • For compensation of the cavity behind the whirlpool tub
  • Suitable for use as a shelf

LED lighting – TOP-WP LI

  • LED light rope warm white
  • Made-to-measure for each whirlpool cladding

Maintenance opening – TOP-WP REV 300 

  • Supplied loose, incl. appropriate milling in the whirlpool cladding

Mounting aids – TOP-KIT-WP 

  • Complete mounting accessories for whirlpool claddings

Product specifications

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