ELEMENT "Baby" Panel or “One-man panel”

The ELEMENT-EL construction panel is also available in a half length of 1250 mm, which can be carried and handled by one person without assistance due to its small size. 


Hard foam support element


Hard foam support element, fleece backed on one side

The so-called “One-man panel” offers decisive advantages to those working with it:

  • easy transport, even in confined spaces, e.g. staircases
  • fits into smaller vans and other vehicles without being cut to size
  • more comfortable installation in small rooms or in attics due to its handy size
  • well suited for floor applications

Choose between:

ELEMENT-EL  – the universal construction panel

ELEMENT-VK – multi-functional construction panel

ELEMENT-EL MIX mixed pallets

Your benefit consisting of ELEMENT-EL Baby (1250 x 600 mm):
      • Prefabricated pallets reduce ordering and handling effort
      • Fast availability due to defined standard articles
      • Optimised for standard applications e.g. for wall levelling

Mixed pallet, consisting of:

- 30 m²/40 pieces ELEMENT-EL Baby 4

- 30 m²/40 pieces ELEMENT-EL Baby 6

- 15 m²/20 pieces ELEMENT-EL Baby 10

Product specification

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