Inspection options and mounting aids

Two solutions are available to choose from for maintenance and repair for all TOP-TR… design variants.

Inspection opening for bath tubs


MONT-TOPREV - Easy, fast and flexible

Slip on the MONT-TOPREV retaining section at the top and bottom; press the part previously sawn out of the cladding into the opening against the retaining profile. Seal the joint gap elastically after tiling using silicone.


Made-to-measure inspection opening at the front or longitudinal side in any size, design variant: TRV.

Forming a niche provides complete freedom of design and no dependence on the tile pattern. Fast opening and closing due to magnetic closure..

Mounting aids


Mounting set for cladding elements:

2 rabbets made of hard foam support element 350 x 50 x 50 mm
4 pieces FIX-FID 110
8 pieces FIX-SD 80
1 piece COL-MK


Mounting kit for whirlpool surrounds

10 pieces FIX-FID 110
20 pieces FIX-SD 80
1 piece COL-MK

Product specifications

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