LUX ELEMENTS presents new items for 2017 [13.12.16]

Solutions for modern building design

The new 2017 range has been available since 1st January.

You can request the printed product range brochure here free of charge.

Here you can find the current program 2017 and the novelties 2017 for download.

Overview of the main new items:

LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB-LINE RT ... – Floor channel drains

Your benefit:

Safe installation
... Absolutely tight thanks to the reliable clicksystem in the connection to the floor drain support.


Optimal height adjustment
... Height adjustable from 5 – 17 mm – for glass mosaic to fine stoneware

Flexible channel solution
... Turnable channel with two design options

Creating slopes fast and easy
... with gradient element (GK) or screed

Simple installation
... with tested system components

LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB The shower bases – linear drainage


Floor channel drains, integrated in hard foam support elements, including substrate element and sealing sleeve.


Floor channel drains, integrated in extra flat hard foam support elements, with integrated drain technology and sealing sleeve.


hard-foam shower base element, rectangular, with floor channel drain 70 x 650 mm, in two formats.

LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB - The shower bases – further areas of application


Hard foam shower base elements for water-resistant coatings in four standard formats or made to measure, with matching drainage technology TUB-RA-A.


TUB-PUMP is now also available with a floor drain pump with a lower in - stallation height.

TUB-WALL RT 1 H 1200/200

Hard foam shower base elements with integrated wall drain for use on wooden floor constructions.

LUX ELEMENTS®-RELAX – Individual relaxation and distraction


Two relaxation loungers of hard foam support material, available with or without an electrical heating system.


Light strip (warm white) for RELAX-NI- M/L/XL, loose, including hard foam support element with milling for on-site installation.

Accessorie: power supply unit RELAX-NI-LZ.


Bench form SOLO, straight, for the installation of a TUB-WALL RT 1 900/200 or RT 3 900/200

LUX ELEMENTS®-CONCEPT – Shower seats and benches


Indirect lighting, straight or rounded, for a footboard or a bench shape in a steam cabin construction, for final mounting on site in the factory-prefabricated slot. A control unit including radio remote control, CONCEPT-BA-LRZ, for all lighting variants.


Optionally available:
Factory-fitted electrical heating mat CONCEPT-BA-EH with a choice of three variants for the required temperature control CONCEPT-BA-EH-Z....

LUX ELEMENTS®-CONCEPT – Individual room constructions

Available made to measure


Profile construction, consisting of: Door frame made of block frame profile, fixed side part(s) made of frame profile, door hinges, with/without handle/door knob, optional: fixed side part(s), corner profile 90° or 135°.


Glass elements ESG 8 mm to fit GFZ/GFR combination.


Frame construction, frame profile for window opening.



LUX ELEMENTS®-SYSTEM COMPONENTS – Technical accessories for equipping a room construction


Milling in hard foam support element for on-site mounting of the sealing flange for Spot integrated sleeve. Available for a surcharge.


Milling in the hard foam support element for the on-site mounting of an empty conduit (25 or 32 mm ∅) with loose ELEMENT-EL 4 cover.. Available for a surcharge.


Milling in hard foam support element for on-site mounting of the flushmounting box, (1 – 4-part). Available for a surcharge.


Sealing flange in hard foam support element, factory-integrated, for the mounting of a Spot integrated sleeve. Available for a surcharge.


Empty conduit (25 oder 32 mm ∅) factory-integrated in hard foam support element and sealed with ELEMENT-EL 4. Available for a surcharge..


Flush-mounting box (1 – 4-part) factory-integrated in hard foam support element. Available for a surcharge.

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