Seat variant in “floating” design – CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT

The CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT is a tileable seat variant in “floating” design, which makes the optical impression of more space, due to its filigree construction.


floating, straight, incl. stainless steel framework


floating, straight, incl. stainless steel framework from for corner element

floating, straight, incl. stainless steel sub-structure, for corner element,

The assembly of the bench takes place by way of a flexible, adaptable stainless steel substructure (straight or with corner elements).

The bench seat is made to measure corresponding with the wall construction. Equipping with electric heating and/or indirect lighting is optionally possible.

The assembly

The assembly of the stainless steel substructure for CONCEPT-BA- FLOAT into the CONCEPT-WA… wall construction takes place via factory-made notches in the corner elements.

For this, a seat height of 45 cm is predefined (other heights possible upon request).

Loose hard foam filler elements are enclosed for the later covering of the cutouts .

Bench form FLOAT floating

Bench form FLOAT – between two walls, straight, incl. stainless steel sub-structure.

  • CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-GK from 1500 to 2100 mm
  • CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-GL from 2100 to 3000 mm

Bench form FLOAT – corner element from wall to wall, straight, incl. stainless steel sub-structure.

  • CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-EK from 1500 to 2100 mm
  • CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-EL from 2100 to 3000 mm

Bench form FLOAT – between two walls, with floating corner, straight, incl. stainless steel sub-structure.

  • CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-GK 600 from 1500 to 2100 mm
  • Ecke rechts: CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-GK ES/R length 750 mm (length of excess end), depth 500 mm
  • Ecke links: CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT-GK ES/L length 750 mm (length of excess end), depth 500 mm

LED lighting – CONCEPT-LL

An optional light strip enables indirect LED lighting underneath the bench seat CONCEPT-BA-FLOAT (surcharge) s. CONCEPT-LL-GFK.

Electric heating – CONCEPT-BA-EH

Electric heating set, integrated and embedded in filler at the factory, with temperature sensor and temperature regulator for bench form FLOAT, individually made to measure (surcharge).

Electrical heating mat – CONCEPT-BA-EH

  • Factory-fitted
  • Separate thermostatic controllers in different versions
    with and without timer

Water heating – CONCEPT-WH

  • Factory-fitted

Milling for water heating – CONCEPT-WH F

  • Milling for the on-site installation of water heating

Product specifications

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