Roof, Wall & Bench Seats - MODUL-ROOM

MODUL-ROOM are modular building kits for standardised room constructions with vaulted roofs. Flexibly usable, e.g. as steam bath or cold room, in both the private and public wellness area.

Wall/wall connection

Wall/floor connection

MODUL-ROOM – the construction Illustration shows the version MODUL-ROOM-L 2100-2400 L

  1. Roof
    roof shape BARREL, thickness 50 mm
  2. Wall construction (as building kit) –
    stable connection due to V-milling and tongue-and-groove principle
  3. Bench seat
    two bench forms to choose from
  4. Floor construction (optional) –
    with point drainage (optional)
  • Room construction as building kit
  • 10 basic room sizes, suitable for 3 to 8 people
  • Total height 2450 mm, wall thickness 50 mm
  • Two bench forms to choose from
  • Door wall prepared for MODUL-ROOM-DOOR
  • Extension options through the use of technical accessories






Overview of cabin models


  • Roof shape BARREL (vaulted roof)
  • Thickness 50 mm
  • Gable height 300 mm
  • Optional with panel


  • Stable, self-levelling connection of the wall elements due to V-milling and tongue-and-groove principle

Product specifications

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