LUX ELEMENTS presents new items for 2018 [31.12.17]

Solutions for modern building design

The new 2018 range has been available since 1st January.

You can request the printed product range brochure here free of charge.

Here you can find the current program 2018 and the novelties 2018 for download.

Overview of the main new items:

LUX ELEMENTS®-LAVADO-FLOAT - Washstand for “floating“ design


Washstand, with sloping recess, with channel drain 70 x 650 mm, hard foam support material, with cover rail and tiling aid made of brushed stainless steel, cover rail tileable on the rear side, height adjustable with height adaptor from 5 – 17 mm, including clip-on drainage adapter for drain pipe 1 ¼", as a set for single washing facility, including 1 cartridge COL-MK and 2 stainless steel brackets 450 mm in length

Your benefit

  • Design variant with linear drainage
    Turnable cover rail with two design options
  • Individual design
    Tiles, natural stone, mosaic and plaster – each washstand is unique
  • Barrier-free
    Invisible and freely selectable fixing height, e.g. a wheelchair can be driven underneath
  • Versatile applications
    From bathroom to wellness facility – suitable for every room situation

Panel made of hard foam support material with integrated linear drainage – ready to tile!



Hard foam shower base elements with integrated and sealed floor drain pump, square or rectangular, with an incorporated slope including 2 substrate elements (50 + 30 mm), cover from stainless steel, cover tileable on the rear side.

The floor drain pump has a capacity of 25 l/min (at 0,6 m height difference) and can be used wherever wastewater cannot reach the drainpipe by gravity flow.

Your benefit

  • Innovative product
    A shower base and sealed-in floor drain pump in one unit
  • Factory fitted slope
    Sealed shower base surface with a slope
  • Reliable technology
    Pump also responds without water supply from shower head
  • Varied designs for the drain cover
    Tileable rear side as a grating unit, optional with a pattern

Hard foam shower base elements with integrated and sealed floor drain pump



Steam fountain in the format 450 x 200 x 200 mm, as cladding for a steam inlet, incl. stainless steel grate fitting frame and CUBE design grate, partial rear wall with opening to suit the hole for the steam inlet (28 mm, 45 mm or 110 mm)


Sealing tape for inner corners, left, for TUB-LINE with single-sided gradient


Sealing tape for inner corners, right, for TUB-LINE with single-sided gradient

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