New brochure: The Experience – Flush with the floor shower bases [03.03.09]

To herald the start of 2009, LUX ELEMENTS published a new brochure about flush with the floor shower bases. In the 32-page brochure entitled "The Experience", the company provided information on design, technology and processing of its shower bases from hard foam support material. 

Shower bases without tripping hazards are in fashion and are no longer restricted to use for showers for the disabled only.

In the course of the last few years, the number of manufacturers of open-plan products from various materials has substantially increased.

LUX ELEMENTS looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of flush with the floor showers. With the new brochure, the manufacturer demonstrates its competence in this field and addresses not only planners, but also processors. 

The first pages demonstrate the special advantages of the tileable shower bases from hard foam support material. This includes the topic of ceramic coverings and useful hints for tiling. Important information on the installation of the shower bases themselves is also provided.  

Technical details such as e.g. drain pipework for point drainage and linear drainage are also dealt with. The topic of “Sealing” is explained at length with all relevant types of sealings. 

Shower bases from the LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB group of products turn showers into a special and safe experience. For a more descriptive presentation, a new design with attractive illustrations was selected for the brochure 

PDF  New brochure: The Experience - Download here (4 KB)

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