LUX ELEMENTS - we present novelties 2020 [03.12.19]

The new 2020 range has been available since 1st January.

LUX ELEMENTS Programme 2020 – New sorting
Systems for bathroom and wellness


  • Systems for bathroom construction
  • Systems for bathroom design
  • Systems for shower bases


  • Systems for private spa
  • Systems for wellness facilities


You can request the printed product range brochure here free of charge.

Here you can find the current program 2020 for download.


Overview of the main new items:

Systems for shower bases – LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB

Linear drainage with extended cover rail TUB-LINE ...V...

  • Continuous wall-to-wall channel look
  • Can be shortened to fit the shower area
  • Height-adjustable for optimum adaptation to covering thickness
  • For barrier-free construction
  • Second drainage level
  • Secure click system for fastening the drain connection fitting
  • Suitable drain systems

Now also available in the variant: TUB-LINE V RT 1800

  • With extended cover rail V (non-reversible) and extended tiling aid V made of brushed stainless steel for continuous wall-to-wall channel look in a length of 1800 mm
  • Floor channel drain 70 x 850 mm integrated in hard foam including substrate element, with sealing sleeve and odour trap
  • Suitable gradient element (single-sided gradient) and substrate element

Systems for bathroom design

  • Bath surrounds – LUX ELEMENTS®-TOP
    Milling for light rope (CONCEPT-LL-FWW or RGB) for TOP-TRU
  • Washstands – LUX ELEMENTS®-LAVADO
    Milling for light rope (CONCEPT-LL-FWW or RGB) for LAVADO-FLOAT
  • Partition walls – LUX ELEMENTS®-RELAX-TW
    Electric heating for RELAX-TW 

Systems for wellness facilities

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