New edition of the brochure for flush with the floor shower bases is even more extensive [15.02.12]

What is now the third edition of the Lux Elements brochure “The Experience – Shower Bases” was published at the beginning of 2012. The manufacturer presents all details of its tileable shower models with point drainage and with channel drain.

In 2009 a brochure was published for the first time for the corresponding “Tub” product group. The constant expansion of the product range now makes a third edition necessary.

The new introductory section provides information both on trends in bathroom planning and on the particular benefits of the hard foam support material in wet and damp rooms.

In the main section the information about the shower bases is divided into two parts. The first part contains information about the design and possible surface finishes.

Part two deals with the technical features, such as dimensions, drain systems with drainage capacity, and the sealing of a shower area.

The new brochure can be ordered free of charge and is also available for download.

PDF  Brochure for Download (4 KB)

The third edition of the brochure “The Experience – Shower Bases” is published with a new, fresh design.
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