New edition of brochure on flush with the floor shower bases [05.08.10]

July 2010 Lux Elements issued a new edition of the brochure entitled "The Experience – Flush with the floor shower bases", which first appeared last year.

This brochure offers detailed explanations of tileable shower bases for point drainage and linear drainage, and also of building kits for designer showers.

In the new edition, Lux Elements divides the information into design-orientated and technical features. This means that the reader can find what he needs fast and easily - whether an overview of the design variants or information regarding the drain system and sealing of a shower area.

Compared with the previous version, the brochure has grown from 32 to 60 pages and includes many new products and a large amount of additional information.

The new brochure can be requested here free of charge.
PDF  The new brochure is available for download here. (4 KB)

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