Worldwide novelty TUB-PUMP: The first flush with the floor shower base which pumps itself [02.03.15]

Since January 2015 Lux Elements offers the innovative product TUB-PUMP in various dimensions in the product group for flush with the floor showers. These are tileable shower bases made of hard foam support material with a sealed-in floor drain pump.

The floor drain pump has a capacity of 20 l/min (at 2 m height difference) and can be used wherever wastewater cannot reach the drainpipe by gravity flow. This can be the case in the attic or in the cellar. This technology is also a useful solution in old residential buildings, since the existing pipework is not always suitable for modern products. For example, if an outdated, raised shower base is replaced by a flush with the floor shower, the connection point to the soil stack is often several centimetres too high.

In a new video, we show the functionality of TUB-PUMP and summarize the technical details.

The new TUB-PUMP shower base models are available in square and rectangular formats with built-in slopes. The scope of delivery includes two substrate elements in different heights, which facilitate mounting. The complete installation height of the three-part set is 125 mm.

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