Shower base element with sealed floor channel drain – TUB-LINE

Flush with the floor hard foam shower base elements for linear drainage, square or rectangular, with integrated and sealed floor channel drain 70 x 650 mm, 70 x 750 mm or 70 x 850 mm.

Standard-compliant sealing for highly stressed areas according to DIN 18534, Part 6



Hard foam shower base element, square


Hard foam shower base element, square


Hard foam shower base element, rectangular


Hard foam shower base element, rectangular

Appropriate floor drain system
(vertical and horizontal)

See also:
TUB-H - Point drainage

The cover rail and a loose frame as a tiling aid are made of brushed stainless steel. Incl. odour trap with a sealing water height of 22 mm.

There are two gradient options to choose from: The 4-sided gradient runs from the outer edges to the drain, so no special cutting of the tiles above the shower base is necessary. As an alternative, the single-sided gradient to the drain can be chosen.

Substrate elements – TUB-U

Matching substrate elements with a height of 55 mm are offered in addition to the shower bases. These are either made to measure or universal, depending on the shower base model.

Installation heights


Vertical drain without a substrate element


Appropriate floor drain system
(vertical and horizontal)

Dimensions in mm. Measures without adhesive coating and tiles. For further details, please see technical data sheet TUB.


Vertical drain with a substrate element


Installation of horizontal drain with substrate element

Gradient variants

Single sided gradient and 4-sided gradient

Design cover rail: One channel – two designs

brushed stainless steel
can be tiled

The system offers two design options due to a reversible channel cover rail. One side has a brushed stainless steel surface, the other can be tiled to match the entire shower base.

By simply turning, the desired side faces upwards.

Height-adjustable for optimum adaptation to covering thickness

Separately provided adapters that can be cut as required enable height adjustability of the channel for surface covering thicknesses from 5 to 17 mm.

Firmly connected floor drain supports


The floor drain support is firmly fixed to the channel by means of a strong clip technique. This ensures a high degree of reliability with regard to leak tightness.

Drain system with high flow rate.
Drain performance [l/s] in accordance with DIN EN 1253 [l/s]

  • vertical (TUB-LINE-BA-S):
    0,8 l/s
  • horizontal (TUB-LINE-BA-W):
    0,8 l/s

Mounting accessories (KITs)

Complete set mounting accessories on offer for all sizes of flush with the floor shower bases.

Product specifications

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1200 x 1200 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B036 (1008 KB)

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1500 x 1500 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B037 (1013 KB)

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