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The family-owned company LUX ELEMENTS specialises in the production of polystyrene hard foam and its processing into secure substrates for bathrooms and spa areas. Established in 1945, we have constantly developed as a company and continuously expanded our product range.

The Original -

A modern building material which, as well as being environmentally friendly, makes bathroom design and renovation unbelievably flexible.

From the selection of suitable raw materials through each production stage up to the safe processing of products with matching system components, everything we do is based on our philosophy of total quality assurance.
Successful quality management within the company is approved by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

So that our products can be installed professionally at their place of use, we hold regular training courses for customers and installers in which we provide theoretical and practical training on the use of the hard foam support material. For this purpose, we have built a training centre in Leverkusen in which national and international industry meetings also take place.

This allows us to keep in touch with the actual users and to use this experience for our research and product development, because our utmost goal is satisfied customers who trust the quality and benefits of our products.

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Solutions for modern building design

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