Shower bases as a substitute for bath tubs – TUB-LINE BOL

Showers are in line with the trend. More often they are preferred to bath tubs. This has not only optical but also economical, practical and healthoriented reasons.

Standard-compliant sealing for highly stressed areas according to DIN 18534, Part 6



TUB-LINE BOL 1800/900
Shower base element with floor channel drain


TUB-UBOL 1800/900
Substrate element



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Variants with point drainage:

When redeveloping or renovating, bath tubs – often built into niches – are willingly exchanged for flush with the floor shower bases in a long format.

The system TUB-LINE BOL is the optimum solution for such applications, if a shower base with line drainage is requested.

The concept

TUB-LINE BOL 1800/900
can be cut to length to minimum 900 x 1200 mm

Note: the fittings are to be located in the shower area.

Matching seats & accessories

Suitable seats


As an option, you can add to all systems matching seats made of hard foam support elements (e.g. RELAX-BA-SOLO)

We will be pleased to compile the appropriate mounting accessories for you. Please contact us!

Design cover rail: One channel – two designs

brushed stainless steel
can be tiled

The system offers two design options due to a reversible channel cover rail. One side has a brushed stainless steel surface, the other can be tiled to match the entire shower base.

By simply turning, the desired side faces upwards.

Height-adjustable for optimum adaptation to covering thickness

Separately provided adapters that can be cut as required enable height adjustability of the channel for surface covering thicknesses from 5 to 17 mm.

Firmly connected floor drain supports


The floor drain support is firmly fixed to the channel by means of a strong clip technique. This ensures a high degree of reliability with regard to leak tightness.

Drain system with high flow rate.
Drain performance [l/s] in accordance with DIN EN 1253 [l/s]

  • vertical (TUB-LINE-BA-S):
    0,8 l/s
  • horizontal (TUB-LINE-BA-W):
    0,8 l/s

Mounting accessories (KITs)

Complete set mounting accessories on offer for all sizes of flush with the floor shower bases.

Product specifications

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1200 x 1200 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B036 (1008 KB)

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1500 x 1500 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B037 (1013 KB)

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