Plastic hammer fix plug


Plastic hammer fixing plug for fixing hard foam support elements to an interior wall, drill with 8 mm drill. Anchoring depth 30–50 mm.

Hammer-fix plug


Hammer fix plug, drill with 8 mm drill. Anchoring depth: 50 mm min. The expanding part (50 mm) must be anchored in a firm substrate, in order to ensure secure mounting through the expansion of the plug. The remaining plug length is the working length.

Screw plug


Special screw plug for connecting hard foam support elements. Select low speed, medium torque! Bit type PH3/PH2/PR2.

Fastening sets with screw and washer


Screw and washer fastening set for the installation on supports.


Hard plastic insert for stabilising fastenings

Hard plastic inlay which is stuck onto the hard foam where a stable mounting for a door hinge, for example, is required. Screws can then be simply screwed in.

The hinges mounted in this way hold even heavy glass doors firmly.

LUX ELEMENTS®- FIX  - Fastening set

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