Shower base for alternative water-resistant coverings – TUB-PL-B

TUB-PL-B are hard foam shower base elements with a higher compressive strength for accepting alternative water-resistant coverings, e.g. PVC.


Hard foam shower base element with a higher compressive strength

See also:
TUB-PL-S - for alternative water-resistant coatings


Such a highly pressure-resistant substrate is absolutely necessary with softer surfaces in order to compensate pressure loads e.g. due to wheel chairs or walking aids.

Frequent areas of application are hotels as well as public and private nursing facilities, hospitals or hostels.


The shower bases are adapted individually to the building and made to measure.

Drain system

The matching standard drainage technology consists of a grate fitting frame and slotted grate made of plastic (TUB-PL-B RS) as well as a horizontal (TUB-PL-B BAS) or vertical (TUB-PL-B BAW) floor drain support DN 50 with odour trap. Alternatively, a design variant made of stainless steel is also available.

Drain performance (vertical/horizontal): 0,8 l/s.

If different, building-related drain hardware should be desired, this can also be combined with TUB-PL-B after checking the feasibility.

    Floor drain horizontal
    Floor drain vertical


  1. Installation situations Grate
  2. TUB-PL-B RS
    Grate fitting frame

Mounting accessories (KITs)

Complete set mounting accessories on offer for all sizes of flush with the floor shower bases.

Product specifications

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1200 x 1200 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B036 (1008 KB)

Shower receptor units LUX ELEMENTS - TUB >= 1500 x 1500 mm
DIN CERTO - P1B037 (1013 KB)

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