In buildings concrete floors are not always found in bathrooms. Due to national circumstances or for ecological planning reasons, it may occur that a wooden planking on a bearing structure serves as substrate for a shower base.

For this application purpose, LUX ELEMENTS offers the models TUB-HEQ/-HMQ (square, drain in the corner or in the centre) and TUB-HER/-HMR (rectangular, drain in the corner or in the centre). All models have a factorysealed top surface and are equipped with a sealed-in floor drain frame.

With an installation height of 20/30 mm and a build-in gradient, these shower bases are particularly flat and can be easily integrated into existing wooden floors. A special reinforcement is attached to the underside of the shower bases for stability reasons.

Appropriate floor drain support for all shower base elements:

Suitable drain system with high flow rate (vertical and horizontal)

See also TUB-LINE H

The installation heights

Please note: Dimensions in mm. Measures without adhesive coating and tiles.

For the use on wooden sub-constructions

The drain technology, which is easy to mount due to a click system, can be easily installed in the cavity between two load-bearing planks.

We will be pleased to compile the appropriate mounting accessories for you. Please contact us!

A planning expert is to be consulted when intervening in components with load-bearing function. Furthermore, national guidelines and generally recognised codes of practice must be observed.

Design variants and dimensions

TUB-HEQ 900:
a = 900 mm

TUB-HEQ 1200:
a = 1200 mm
TUB-HMQ 900:
a = 900

TUB-HMQ 1200:
a = 1200
TUB-HER 1200/900:
a = 900, b = 1200 mm

TUB-HER 1600/900:
a = 900, b = 1600 mm
TUB-HMR 1200/900:
a = 900, b = 1200 mm

TUB-HMR 1600/900:
a = 900, b = 1600 mm
Please note: The design of descending gradients and directions belongs to planning services.