Flush with the floor shower bases for the use on wooden sub-constructions – TUB-LINE H

In buildings concrete floors are not always found in bathrooms. Due to national circumstances or for ecological planning reasons, it may occur that a wooden planking on a bearing structure serves as substrate for a shower base.


Shower base element with floor channel drain, square


Shower base element with floor channel drain, rectangular


shower base element for the substitution of bath tubs, with floor channel drain


Appropriate floor drain system

See also:
TUB-H - Point drainage



For this application purpose, LUX ELEMENTS offers the models TUB-LINE HQ (square), TUB-LINE HR (rectangular) and TUB-LINE H BOL (for the substitution of bath tubs).

The models are equipped with a sealed-in floor channel drain 70 x 750 mm ou 70 x 850 mm · 2 3/4" x 29 1/2" ou 2 3/4" x .." in on the short side.

With an installation height of 20/30 mm · 13/16" / 1 3/16" and a build-in 4-sided gradient, these shower bases are particularly flat and can be easily integrated into existing wooden floors.

The installation heights

Please note: Dimensions in mm. Measures without adhesive coating and tiles.

A planning expert is to be consulted when intervening in components with load-bearing function. Furthermore, national guidelines and generally recognised codes of practice must be observed.

The design of descending gradients and directions belongs to planning services.

Design cover rail: One channel – two designs

brushed stainless steel
can be tiled

The system offers two design options due to a reversible channel cover rail. One side has a brushed stainless steel surface, the other can be tiled to match the entire shower base.

By simply turning, the desired side faces upwards.

Height-adjustable for optimum adaptation to covering thickness

Separately provided adapters that can be cut as required enable height adjustability of the channel for surface covering thicknesses from 5–17 mm · 3/16''- .."

Firmly connected floor drain supports


The floor drain support is firmly fixed to the channel by means of a strong clip technique. This ensures a high degree of reliability with regard to leak tightness.

Drain performance [l/s] in accordance with DIN EN 1253 [l/s]

  • vertical (TUB-BA-S CST):
    0,8 l/s

Mounting accessories (KITs)

Complete set mounting accessories on offer for all sizes of flush with the floor shower bases.

Product specifications

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