The round shower – RELAX-RD

RELAX-RD is a building kit for a round shower.

Note on fitting shower doors: 
If a shower door is intended to be fitted, based on the specifications given, a hard plastic insert can be pre-fitted at the factory to be used for the door’s fixings. (See FIX-PRO-MAK)

RELAX-RD – the round shower

Roofs – RELAX-RD

Roofs in the FLAT and CLASSIC design variants are suitable for RELAX--RD.

The overall height (roofs including RELAX-RDW) is:

Design FLAT: 2540 mm 8' 4"
Design CLASSIC: 2600 mm 8' 6 3/8"

Hard-foam cover element FLAT - RELAX-DRD


Hard-foam cover element CLASSIC - RELAX-DCRD


Installation panel



Panel, rounded back suitable for RELAX-SDW with integrated FIX-PRO-MAK strip for fixation of the shower rod and accessories

Alternatively, the FIX-IPA-... installation panel is also suitable for mounting the fittings (as an integrated or individual variant).

Appropriate DECO concave trims and finishing element

Suitable accessories are provided for RELAX-RD, e.g. a concave trim for connection to the wall as well as a shelving system.

For more information please see product group DECO.

Mounting kits

Mounting kits


Suitable mounting kits are provided for RELAX-RD with RELAX-BORD 50



Suitable mounting kits are provided for RELAX-RD without floor

Product specifications

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