The universal construction panel – ELEMENT-EL

The universal construction panel was the first product in the ELEMENT product range and has proven itself as a moisture resistant substrate for many decades.


Hard foam support element


Proven and successful

  • A glass fibre fabric that is embedded on both sides between two mortar layers, guarantees a high degree of stability.
  • The cemented mortar coating is an optimum substrate, as tile adhesives, plasters and sealing compounds all adhere well.
  • Due to its chemical properties, the material does not provide breeding ground for fungus, i.e. it is mould-resistant.

Reliable on the wall

Ten thicknesses from 4 to 100 mm · 3/16'' to 3 15/16" in allow any use on walls: Directly on the wall, on stud frames or as a compensation layer over old tiles.

Creative in design

Thicker panels are suitable for the design of e.g. platforms, shelves and racks.

Strong on the floor

The sturdy coating enables floor use with many benefits:

  • Easier an quicker height levelling
  • Additional drying times as for screed are not required
  • Decoupling effect e.g. on cracked substrates
  • Heat-insulating, therefore well suitable in combination with underfloor heating (energy savings!)

LUX ELEMENTS manufactures individual customised and special products for the ELEMENT product group. These include dimensions, thicknesses, shapes etc. that deviate from the standard program.












 Also available in the handy „Baby“ format

Application areas

For wall levelling over existing tile coverings

Screwing onto laths and supports

Thin thicknesses up to 30 mm · 1 3/16":

  • 4 – 6 mm · 3/16'' – 1/4'': e.g. wall levelling
  • 12 and 20 mm · 1/2" and 13/16": stud frame planking
  • from 30 mm · 1 3/16": installation on dots

Thicker thicknesses from 30 to 100 mm · 1 3/16" to 3 15/16":

  • cladding
  • construction
  • insulating

For floor applications on concrete/screed or wooden floors...

... and e.g. for construction.

Product specification

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