The construction - CONCEPT

Individually planned room constructions made of hard foam support material. We produce according to the customer's specifications or develop with you customer- or object-based solutions. The room constructions are used both as hot air areas, e.g. steam baths, and as cold areas.

A building kit from the CONCEPT product group may be comprised of the following components, for example:

1. Roof, e. g. CONCEPT-DA-BARREL

2. Wall construction as kit

3. Aluminium door frame, e. g. CONCEPT-DOOR-TZB

4. Glass door

5. Seat, e. g. CONCEPT-BA-STEP

6. Floor element

7. Substrate element for floor element


See also:
Appropriate floor drain system

Enhancements are possible with optional accessories such as a steam inlet or installation panel.

Assembly accessories are offered as complete kits for all available sizes.

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