Healthier Living with Ceramics and LUX ELEMENTS [14.07.09]

 The EUF (European Union of National Tile Layer’s Associations) has developed the concept “Healthier Living with Ceramics” together with its European member associations and sponsor members. LUX ELEMENTS, which has been a member of the EUF for many years, is also supporting the project and is actively involved in its implementation. 

The concept points out the ecological and health aspects of ceramic products and laying systems and is intended as “pro tile” information for tradesmen, retailers and manufacturers.  

Ceramic is a long-life, hygienic, easy to clean, fireproof, non-fading, anti-static and emission-neutral material. It does not form a nutrient medium for mites or pathogens and thus prevents the growth of mould.

So that these advantages can be exploited to the full, it is important to select the correct system components for laying. The sustainably produced hard foam support elements from LUX ELEMENTS are the ideal substrate. Together with the ceramics, these form an optimum system in which the positive properties mutually support and assist one another. Hence, due to their alkalinity, the hard foam support elements are resistant to mould and thus prevent allergies from being caused. 

The campaign “Healthier Living with Ceramics” is intended to be a seal of quality for environmentally-friendly products from the ceramics industry. With the steam-foamed EPS hard foam from its own production, LUX ELEMENTS has the best credentials for participating in the initiative. Environmentally-compatible and resource-preserving production is one of the company’s highest goals and is recorded in writing in the corporate philosophy. LUX ELEMENTS is hence outstandingly well suited to the contemporary concept “Healthier living with ceramics”.

The first successful seminars on the campaign have been conducted together with the EUF; more will follow. 

In addition to that, LUX ELEMENTS holds its own lectures on the subject of hard foam support materials in a system with ceramics, taking into consideration the health aspect.

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