LUX ELEMENTS gains European Technical Approval (ETA) for the sealing of wet rooms [21.06.13]

In May, LUX ELEMENTS – as one of the first companies in Europe – was granted the approval ETA-13/0238 in accordance with ETAG 022, Part 3 by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt). This high-ranking proof of safety refers to a building kit with the trade name LUX ELEMENTS®-WATERTIGHT SOLUTION containing waterproof panels for walls and floors for the sealing of wet rooms.

Managing Director Thomas Lux is proud: “The tests for attaining this ETA are very hard and entail a great deal of testing expenditure. For this reason only high-quality products pass the tests. We have noticed in our daily work that it is becoming increasingly important to provide our customers and processors everywhere in Europe with a safety verification for our high quality, therefore we subjected ourselves to this intensive test procedure.”

The tested system encompasses the LUX ELEMENTS®-TUB flush-with-the-floor shower bases in combination with the factory-sealed LUX ELEMENTS®-ELEMENT-VK construction panel. The building kit contains system components from the DRY product group for the sealing of joints and penetrations. Apart from the LUX ELEMENTS product COL FLEX, alternative solutions from system partners were also included in the tests as possible tile adhesives.

Tested in accordance with ETAG 022 for the sealing of wet rooms
So that the structure is reliably protected against moisture in wet rooms even underneath a wear layer, e.g. a ceramic covering, a sealing of the substrate is necessary. ETAG 022 is applied here in the area governed by the building authority. The European guideline consists of three parts, which refer to different types of composite seals. Part 1 is dedicated to the seals to be applied in liquid form, while Part 2 deals with the sealing of wet rooms using flexible sheets for waterproofing. Part 3 – which was applied in the case of LUX ELEMENTS WATERTIGHT®-SOLUTION – concerns the seals from building kits with watertight panels for wall and floor.

CE marking of the building kit
The European Technical Approval enables LUX ELEMENTS to apply the CE mark to all products belonging to the building kit. The manufacturer thus confirms that these products correspond to the valid European guidelines.

Documents for Download:
ETA English version
ETA German version

Declaration of performance

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