New LUX ELEMENTS campaign: ‘The original can do!’ [03.11.09]

In November LUX ELEMENTS, the German manufacturer of polystyrene hard-foam, is continuing the campaign 'The original can do', which started at various trade fairs in Germany and Belgium at the beginning of the year.

It is concerned with the outstanding material properties of the ‘Original' hard foam support element, for which a patent was applied for as far back as 1981.
Twelve properties are descriptively explained, from ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘waterproof’ to ‘flame resistant’ and ‘variety of design’. The campaign also includes further important topics, such as resistance to mould and light weight. A tradesman figure supplements the information with smooth talk and questions.

There is now a dedicated website at where, among other things, all questions are answered, and a flyer, which can be ordered here.

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